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Iconic building

The new Harvey Nichols concept store at The Mailbox, Birmingham, is at the heart of the iconic Mailbox building and has been purposely created to offer 45,000 square feet of luxurious retail space. By totally transforming the retail environment using cutting edge technology and purposefully designed ambient lighting, the store now offers a more sophisticated shopping experience.

small HarveyNichols-03This state-of-the-art retail facility has become the blueprint for future Harvey Nichols stores. The lighting was designed by PJC Light Studio Limited, London, who homed in on two of the most prestigious of our fittings to be used in a wide range of areas across the store, including womenswear, menswear, perfumery, lingerie and shoe departments.  Over 800 large YORI luminaires incorporating  30W LEDs were selected in black, mounted onto existing tracks and placed within black channels to blend seamlessly with the dark ceiling design. Equipped with a narrow-beam reflector and a cross-blade louvre to eliminate glare, the YORI luminaire offers precise illumination that is ideal for accentuating merchandise areas and can easily be adjusted for more defined lighting control.

Small HarveyNichols-09Fabio Cristini, lighting designer at PJC commented: “With challenging ceiling heights of 4.2 metres in particular areas of the store, it was imperative to ensure we had a good delivery of lumen output and a wide range of beam angles to allow us to create the right ambience for these areas. Reggiani’s YORI fitting is also aesthetically pleasing – another important consideration.  The performance of the YORI is very good and the use of the cross-blade louvre accessory was invaluable for this high-end retail project”.

PJC specified the large YORI luminaire in white for the lingerie and swimwear department with the fittings, once again, mounted on existing tracks but within white ceiling slots against a white ceiling to create a very different style for this part of the store.

small HarveyNichols-05The extended and luxurious changing-room space for the new store utilises round Trybeca recessed luminaires equipped with 8W LEDs. The Trybeca fitting complements the opulent design of the very spacious changing area and harmonises well with the existing, relaxing surroundings, whilst providing excellent quality light – an absolute imperative for superior changing-room for discerning shoppers.

small HarveyNichols-08

Project name: Harvey Nichols, Birmingham
Date: 2015
Location: Birmingham, UK
Lighting design concept: PJC Light Studio Limited – Fabio Cristini
Lighting specification and design: PJC Light Studio Limited
Electrical contractor: Sparkhill Electrical Ltdsmall HarveyNichols-24

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