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“Blue Planet Aquarium and the Royal Playhouse”


Jesper Kongshaug

The paper will be presented on Friday in the Lighting Application Case Studies track.

In a nutshell: Nordic countries have daylight throughout the night in the summer and dark afternoons in the winter. The low angle of the sun has affected the architecture and painting tradition of these countries and is clearly seen in industrial design and also in the lighting design tradition.
The audience will be presented two in-depth case studies of projects in Copenhagen which demonstrate the scale of two very different interior and exterior architectural lighting installations, designed to enhance the experience of persons of all ages visiting the buildings.

About the presenter: Jesper Kongshaug is based in Copenhagen/DK and is a lighting designer in the fields opera, architectural lighting, theatre, dance and performance, and works with ambitious architectural firms as well as experimental and established theatre companies internationally.
He has won a number of awards for both his architectural lighting projects and his stage productions. Jesper teaches at a number of institutions, including Stanford University in the USA, and is Honoray Professor at the Kolding Design School in Denmark.

Note: Site-visits are to be offered to both projects on Wednesday, 30. October, 2013.

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