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“The lighting design profession: a sustainable future?”


Koert Vermeulen

The paper will be given in the Professional Practise issues on Thursday.

In a nutshell: After describing the evolution of the lighting design profession, that is to say the evolution of the lighting design community and the profession itself and its changing face, through the evolution of the major players in the industry and markets, client demand and the status quo of competition, the speaker will address the problems lighting designers have now with their image and profession, and the problems they will have to bear in the near future.
The presentation will discuss ways of ensuring a sustainable future for the lighting design profession and suggest a bright new vision for consideration – not just as an approach, but to be applied as a new future norm.
In order to stimulate the communication and interaction required to create this future Big Picture, the speaker will organize a communication campaign with the support of the PLDC organisers prior to PLDC to facilitate the gathering of “real input”.
Using Internet tools and engaging the public through social networks before, during and after the conference, PLDC will thus not only reach the live audience present at the event in Copenhagen, but will also be able to reach out to the rest of the community who were not able to travel to the Danish capital as well as other people interested in the topic and practice of lighting design.

About the presemter: Koert Vermeulen founded ACT Lighting Design in Brussels/B in 1995 and began creating large-scale lighting designs for theatre productions, music festivals, fashion shows, exhibitions and other (corporate) events. His encounter with Franco Dragone in 1999, led him to one of his most renowned projects: “Le Rêve”, now a permanent aquatic spectacle in Las Vegas/USA. In 2004 he joined forces with Bruno Demeester to specialize further in architectural lighting design. In the same year he was appointed as a professor at Hogeschool Antwerpen where he lectures regularly on Lighting Design. In 2009 Koert Vemeulen was selected to be the lighting and multimedia designer for the opening and closing ceremony of the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

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